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At Carniceria Los Amigos, we can make preparing meals easy for you by providing you with precooked meat in Phoenix, AZ. Having ready-made and expertly prepared dishes available for you can take a huge load off your shoulders.

You may be preparing for a family member’s birthday party and you may have a really big family. What do you do? The best way to feed the multitudes at a family get-together is by offering them not only a large amount of food, but delectably prepared dishes that will not disappoint.

Our carnitas and carne asada will make your guests wonder they have never tried them yet. Our barbacoa and our grilled chicken will make them feel like they are in paradise. Our dishes are everything we would want to eat and we know that you can never go wrong when you order from Carniceria Los Amigos.

You need not worry about the quality of our cooked meat. It is well done to ensure that health standards are met and that your guest’s taste buds are satisfied. Our backgrounds, our training, our passion, and our experience are what make us amazing at what we do, but it is the age-old techniques and recipes from those who taught us what we know that make our meats the delicacies that they are.

Get ready for a big event or even just today’s family dinner by ordering our precooked meats from Carniceria Los Amigos. There is no doubt in our minds that you will amaze your guests and pull of a successful party or event when you choose what we have to offer.

We are simply the best in Phoenix, AZ. Find out why today!

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