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You may have ordered meat from Carniceria Los Amigos and love it, but have you ever tried our amazing drinks in Phoenix, AZ? We are not talking about your cocktails or “chelas,” but rather about tasty Mexican sodas and more.

After filling up on our delicious meat, you may be a little thirsty. The great news is that we have the perfect pairings for our cooked meat, beans, and rice. Coke, Fanta, Squirt, and our other various drinks will complete an already pleasant experience.

Our Mexican sodas are favorites in Mexico and since most of our delicious recipes and techniques for preparing meat come from our neighboring country, we are confident that even if you do not love the taste, you will appreciate the experience. At the least, you will be trying something new and different from the sodas that you can find anywhere.

We are more than just a carniceria where you can buy quality cuts of meat. We are a destination for those who want to enjoy great food prepared by talented people who have experience making the best carnitas and barbacoa to be found in the city.

Carniceria Los Amigos is a place where you can order a whole meal for your entire family; something that they will whole-heartedly thank you for after. Do not disappoint and bring them the best of the best in Phoenix, AZ.

Mexican soda, delicious meat, and scrumptious rice and beans make the perfect family meal. Contact us today to put in an order!

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